Dr. Ana

Coordinator at the Science and Technology Office - Spanish National Congress of Deputies

Ana Elorza Moreno works as the Science Advice and Diplomacy Coordinator at the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), a public foundation under the Ministry of Science and Innovation in Spain. She has served as the Chair of the Science Diplomacy task force at the Strategic Forum for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation (SFIC) and is part of the Steering Team of the European Commission, where she plays a role in the launch of a comprehensive European Science Diplomacy agenda.

Beyond her influential work in science diplomacy, and due to her extensive involvement in international science-public policy matters, she is one of the coordinators at the newly established Science and Technology Office within the Spanish Congress of Deputies. This groundbreaking initiative serves to imbue scientific evidence into the legislative process and debate, creating a connection between scientists and members of parliament, and emphasizing the role of science in shaping informed decision-making.

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