Senior Policy Advisor, Policy Planning and Strategic Foresight Division, European External Action Service

With a diplomatic career spanning over three decades, Olljum has a broad experience in European foreign policy. After serving for over a decade in senior positions in the Estonian Foreign Ministry, he served during 2001-05 as Deputy Director-General of the CBSS in Stockholm. Since 2006 he has been a permanent official of the European Union, first as head of Forward Studies in the European Commission’s DG RELEX and then as Advisor on Middle East and North Africa at the European External Action Service. In 2015-16 he was EU Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution. After a posting to the Gulf from 2018-20 representing the EU in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar he returned to EEAS HQ to assume his current position as Senior Advisor for Policy Planning and Strategic Foresight where his main focus is on EU-NATO, EU-UK and transatlantic relations, MENA regional issues and relations with think tanks.

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